Panouri de acoperis IsoCop CA


The panel consists of a rigid plate support, which allows optimal finish on the visible face and a flexible support. The visible face of this panel is produced in the same profiles and colours as the classic roofing panel with five corrugations. The inside is produced with an embossed centesimal aluminium surface coating.

  • High thermal seal.
  • Mechanical behaviour.
  • Longitudinal overlapping.
  • Integration with skylights, sheet metalwork accessories and fittings.
  • Lower costs compared to other types of roofing.
  • Vapour barrier.


Product suitable for roofing, counter ceilings and insulated wall cladding.


Polyurethane-insulated, self-supporting-metal panel designed for sloping roofing with 7% minimum slope. The panel’s internal side is produced with an embossed centesimal aluminium surface coating. Classical roofing tongue-and-grooved snap joint. Through fastening with possibility to use caps. Correct utilisation requires the plate rigid support to be facing upwards, on the whole continuous surface (flat planking, concrete ceiling).

Technical details

isocopca1Insulating materials: Foamed polyurethane

polyurethanehigh insulating power rigid expanded polyurethane (PUR), with the following quality standards:initial standard thermal conductivity: λ > 0.020 W/mK (UNI EN 12667); total density: 40 kg/m3 ±10% (UNI EN 1602); closed cell contents: 90-95% (ASTM 2856); compressive strength: >100kPa (UNI EN 1607); dimensional stability at –25°C/+80°C < 1% (UNI EN 826) isocopcaTab

isocopca2Metal plate supports

Steel Zinc-coated, pre-painted rolled steel, thickness between 0.4 and 0.8 mm (UNI EN 10346). Stainless Steel Rolled stainless steel, natural or satin finish, thickness between 0.4 and 0.8 mm (UNI EN 10088). Alluminium Rolled aluminium alloy, natural finish, embossed and pre-painted, thickness between 0.6 and 0.8 mm (UNI EN 485). Copper Rolled copper, thickness between 0.5 and 0.8 mm (UNI EN 1172).