Exhaust Vents


Exhaust vents are equipped with a device which allows quick opening in case of fire, allowing people a better escape time. They expedite evacuation of any people present in the building, facilitating fire services intervention and reducing the risk of collapse of load-bearing structures due to the action of hot gases. The products are realised in compliance with the EN 12101-2 norm.

  • Dome size: 70×100 cm
  • Floor opening size: 70×100 cm
  • Base height: 30 cm
  • Flange size: 100×180 cm

Pre-fabricated bases

Suitable to assure perfect waterproofing of roofing around skylights, they assure high shock resistance and absence of dilation. Produced in zinc-coated steel and white fibreglass, they allow correct light diffusion. Standard height 300 mm, non standard heights are supplied on demand.

Opening device

220V electrical actuator for the daily ventilation opening. Stroke: 300 mm.


Thermoformed dome available in simple or double wall version, producible in compact hailproof polycarbonate sheets or in PMMA. Available colours: opal or clear. The double wall version assures maximum insulation features by sealing the whole perimeter, obtaining almost complete elimination of the heat channel phenomenon in joints and the absence of any dust or insect infiltration between the two skylight walls.


Produced in natural, silver-colour aluminium, fitted with hinges for hooking onto the base.

Roof inspection

Manhole system including frame and piston opening device.

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