Warehouses Construction

Industrial warehouses- solutions for future:

Industrial warehouses built by Basarom Prodcom Srl in stainless material processed with special attention to detail, can help any business, regardless of industry, to prosperity, development and safety. We’re excited about the idea of stability of collaboration between companies in Romania which is why we are happy with all the resources to help them to develop commercial and industrial market in the country. By this we can create jobs, financial stability and development for future in Romania.

Our involvement in this plan for development is essential and we would like to suggest a collaboration based on trust, a collaboration ideal for regional development. We are in this field because by any product or service offered by us we guaranteed the quality and due to this “highpoint”, we are and we will be recognized as a trusted enterprise.

We building bases of the duration, building modern, quality constructions. Industrial premises solutions represents the future by their usefulness and accessibility, and usefulness can be proven  immediately  after your company’s activity starts. Now, we want to put together a future bases which provide security and confidence and at the same time “a roof above their head”.


Industrial warehouses- optimal soultions for a succesfull business

The company Basarom Prodcom will propose an  unique partnership in industrial warehouses construction field, an area in full development and well-developed. Through trust we take the responsability of your company succes once with the construction of an unique space and well structured in such a way that your business is in full swing. We guarantee quality products and our buildings and provide transport anywhere in the country or Europe, as long as main condition is respected:countenance. We are a company that has that several areas of activity and warehouses construction is one of them.

Warehouses construction - development ideas

The process for the construction of a metal warehouses, either industrial, commercial or agricultural is based on several principles and steps, which is why our team is one well organized and ready for any challenge.

We have the equipment and machinery with a view to the completion of performance metal structures ideal and sustainable.We follow our purpose, to achieve performance and usefulness.

Warehouses construction - an well thought construction

Since industrial market is growing, industrial premises are perfectly adapted for every need. Technology is moving, and we do this the very best.part of modern metal built by Basarom Prodcom is identified in the components of next-generation applied to each construction.

Every detail is essential in this field to ensure that your company’s activity is to be carried out safely and in the best possible conditions.

Looking for quality and handy construction for your next project?